Our facials are unique and deeply thorough and have been quoted in numerous editorials as being the best facials in London. Every single detail during your time with us is taken care of. Our treatments are ultra indulgent and effective. We incorporate LED, galvanic, ultrasound, radiotherapy and skin scrubber therapies during all our facials to promote advance aesthetic results. A favourite of celebrities, our facials are results driven and highly indulgent.

We use the highly renowned Yon-Ka skincare brand for our facials. This incredible skincare house was born in 1954 in the Mutalier Laboratories, pioneers and leaders in aromatherapy, phytotherapy and phytembryotherapy. The Mutalier Laboratories created a unique beauty secret with unparalleled powers: an exclusive and treasured formula combining 5 essential oils with extraordinary synergetic properties. Not only do the products smell divine, but they also promote rapid skin healing.

As well as all the facials listed below, we can create bespoke facials that will cater to each and every skin concern. These are booked as a preferred time slot and allow the therapist to create a different facial for each client. All of our facials include a 10 minute reflexology massage to rebalance from within.

45 minutes 70

60 minutes 95

75 minutes 110

90 minutes 120


One of the most elaborate and complete facials. This facial will leave you with clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion. Customised and recommended at any age, this facial centers on Yon-Ka's exclusive deep cleansing regimen in 5 customised steps, carried out with the utmost care in the oxygenating atmosphere of the 5 Quintessence essential oils. Skin is left purified, toned and radiant. Galvanic and Ultrasound therapies speed cell renewal and results are visible after the very first treatment.

hydralessence face 60 mins 95

This high performance treatment will quickly help to restore the skin's balance and softness. The powerfully softening action of seaweed and fruit extracts, 2 refreshing masks and the application of a repairing hydration reactivating duo will leave the skin renewed, soothed and rebalanced. An excellent facial for dry or dehydrated skin.

purifying facial 60 mins 95

This highly powerful facial purifies and rebalances the skin. It soothes, softens and clarifies the complexion. Excellent for skin that feels congested or in need of a seriously deep clean. This facial includes a thorough extraction, a vegetable exfoliating massage and a purifying mask for the face and neck as well as the use of our galvanic and skin scrubber therapies to promote super fast healing.

plaisir d'aromes 60 mins 95

Deliciously aromatic, this facial is a unique moment of complete relaxation and escape. This treatment is all about the subtle harmony and energising scents of lavender, rosemary and thyme. In one hour, all signs of fatigue are washed away and the features are left relaxed and radiant.

excellence code 90 mins 120

A highly renowned global anti-ageing treatment and an exceptional Yon-Ka treatment. This facial includes the stimulation of energy points, an exfoliation with double deep peeling combined with draining techniques, a specific Yoga Massage to lift and firm the skin and the use of ultrasound and LED technology to leave the skin visible tightened and lifted.

alpha vital 75 mins 110

This highly technical facial and anti ageing treatment brings out the skin's natural glow, restoring smoothness and youth. Under the rejuvenating and intensely hydrating action of the controlled fruit acids, the epidermis is regenerated, cellular renewal is intensified, the complexion is cleared and wrinkles and fine lines soften.



dr schrammek green peel 

The original Green Peel herbal peeling method has been a worldwide success for over 60 years. 3 dermatologically developed treatment methods for effective and results driven problem solving. The treatment helps those with various skin concerns to achieve a smooth, flawless and even complexion. The herbal mixture contains eight specially selected herbs with enzymes, vitamins and minerals which are massaged into the skin. Immediate results are visible after the very first treatment and this treatment is highly effective for acne, acne scarring, wrinkles and sagging skin. This incredible skin saviour is only available at select certified salons. Our go to facial for instant skin regeneration.

mini green peel 110

the deep green peel 125

the ultimate 300


Yoga Face Massage 30 mins 40

An intensely thorough, relaxing and effective face massage that helps tone and tighten the face. A specialist massage that incorporates lymphatic drainage to work on each and every muscle in the face. Highly effective for all skin concerns, our Yoga Face Massage expels toxins, promote a brighter and more youthful complexion, and works to boost the healing of the skin.

endermologie facial therapies

Endermologie is the only non-invasive, FDA improved treatment than can target so many different facial concerns. The treatments firm and lift, are able to resculpt a double chin, are excellent for lymphatic drainage and water retention and detoxing as well as adding an overall glow to the skin. These therapies can be added onto one of our bespoke facials or as a stand alone treatment.