Kiril Trifonov is our resident Semi Permanent Make Up Technician. He trained at one of the most prestigious clinics in London and has since built up a vast and loyal client following.

He comes from a family of artists and this enables him to approach permanent make up from a different perspective. His work is ultra precise, incredibly natural and he consistently receives 5 star reviews from each and every client that he sees. 

The equipment used is revolutionary. It allows Kiril to infuse pigment gently into the skin allowing it to heal and recover at a much faster rate. This means virtually no down time after a procedure. Clients are able to resume activity straight after their treatment.

eyebrow enhancement

Eyebrow enhancement is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked eyebrows. The super fine hair like strokes create an incredibly natural shape that naturally fades over time. 

eyebrow enhancement and 4 week infill appointment 450

annual boost 275


These eyeliners make your lashes appear thicker and eyes more defined. Any level of thickness is possible and can range from a subtle enhancement on the lash line to a more dramatic liner.

eyelash enhancement and 4 week infill appointment 275

eyeliner top or bottom and 4 week infill appointment from 300

lip liner and blush

Unbalanced symmetry, a thin appearance and a lack of natural colour can be corrected in a natural way. The procedure can add shape and definition to your lip line or correct irregularities in your lip shape. A skilful use of colour can bring a plumper look to your lips.

lip liner and 4 week infill appointment 375

lip blush and 4 week infill appointment from 500

beauty mark

beauty mark and 4 week infill appointment 80

q & a

How long will my make up last?

The colour remains visible for several years. This is variable depending on client age, skin type, colour choice and lifestyle.

Is the procedure painful?

Every client is different but with advanced new equipment and techniques discomfort is minimal.

Do I have a choice on placement and colour?

Definitely. The client is in control every step of the way from desired shape to colour selection.

How long will the procedure take?

You should allow a minimum of 2 hours for a new procedure.

What happens after the procedure?

Immediately post procedure, the area treated may appear slightly swollen and the colour will appear darker and more intense. This will last for several days. Complete healing can take up to 6 weeks. Normal activities can be resumed after treatment, but any direct sun should be avoided for a period of 4 weeks.

I had my eyebrows done 2 weeks ago, and the end result is astounding. I feel confident wearing no make up and the best thing is my eyebrows look completely groomed.
— Lauren
The experience from start to finish was amazing. I hardly felt a thing. If anything, it was a very relaxing experience.
— Abby Louise
Kiril is professional and a real perfectionist. He has made my eyebrows look amazing!
— Sarah
A truly amazing job done on my eyebrows. I’ve had a bad experience in the past and hesitated years before another attempt with permanent make up. Now I wish I’d known about this before. Kiril works with precision and passion, all fear vanished.
— Jasmine
Amazing - I had my eyeliner done today, very impressed. The attention to detail is amazing and the procedure is painless. Overall an utterly great experience and my eyeliner looks fantastic.
— Mea
eyebrow tattoo.jpg