ipl permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation


hair reduction and removal

IPL is a light based therapy used for hair reduction. Results are achieved using a high powered flash handset to deliver intense pulses of light to the treatment area. Treatments are virtually pain free and offer fast and long lasting results. A patch test is required before the first treatment. Please contact us for more information.


we offer a 20% discount on a course of 6 treatments



prices are per session

upper lip 60

lower lip 30

neck 60

chin 50

upper lip and chin 80

cheeks/jaw line 70

centre brow 40

full face 170

arms and underarms

prices are per session

hands and fingers 50

underarms 75

upper/lower arm 130

full arm 165

shoulders 50

chest and back

prices are per session

half chest or back 140

full chest or back 200


prices are per session

bikini 2cm on either side 100

extended bikini 120

brazilian 150

hollywood 185

centre buttocks 60


prices are per session

feet and toes 60

lower leg including knees 115

upper leg including knees 160

full legs 245

medical therapies

These treatments have fantastic results for a variety of skin concerns. IPL is excellent for skin rejuvenation treating wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots. It is also highly effective in treating the overall skin tone and giving the skin a smoother appearance. In areas of acne concern, the IPL targets the acne to prevent future outbreaks and also floods the area with collagen in order for the skin to be able to heal itself properly, preventing scars and helping to reduce the appearance of existing ones. IPL is also incredibly effective for the removal of thread veins. As little as 1-3 sessions are usually needed with a 2-3 week interval. A patch test is required before the first treatment. Please contact us for more information.


full face rejuvenation 135

back of hands rejuvenation 95

single area vascular 55

cheeks vascular 95

full face acne therapy 152

half face acne therapy 95

face and neck rejuvenation 190